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Our modern composite roofing is a great investment for your home or business in St. Louis or the surrounding areas. We love old-world architecture and building styles. You just can't beat the look of a Stone Slate Tile Roof, Wood Shake shingles, or Spanish Tile roofing.

Unfortunately the downsides to using those types of materials are numerous, which is why most consumers opt for petroleum based asphalt shingles for roofing in our area nowadays.

Composite Roofing St Louis

We are so happy to be able to introduce modern composite roofing solutions to our friends and neighbors in St. Louis, because we have found many other people who have a passion for these old world looks and styles but haven't wanted to deal with the headache of upkeep on a stone slate, wood shake, or clay tile roof.

Composite stone slate shingles, synthetic wood shake tile, and composite clay roofing tiles offer all the beauty of classical roofs without any of the headaches! Our synthetic roofing materials are impact resistant, fire resistant, and come standard with a limited 50 year warranty.

St. Louis Synthetic Roofing is here to serve home and business owners all over the Greater St. Louis area.

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