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With decades of experience in the Roof industry, the Roofing Contractor professionals at St. Louis Synthetic Roofing are our region's dedicated composite roof specialists. Whether you're in the market for new roofs made from Synthetic Wood Shake shingles, Composite Slate Roofing, or Synthetic Spanish Tile Roofs, our professional roofers can help you. We are the leading composite roofing experts in the St. Louis area and the midwest at large offering both residential roofing and commercial roofing solutions.

Our Synthetic Slate, Composite Barrel Tile, and Composite Cedar Shake shingles offer all the beauty of authentic stone slate tile, clay tile, and wood shake shingles, but are virtually maintenance free, much more durable, come with a limited 50-year warranty.

We believe our synthetic roofing solutions are the absolute best options available in New Roof Installation or Roof Replacement for homeowners, business owners, and commercial property managers who would truly like to have a roof installed that they won't have to worry about again for the rest of their lives.

If you're just investigating synthetic roofing for the first time, you are welcomed to browse our website for more information but you may also call us anytime for a free composite roofing consultation. Just call 314-652-3903

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New Roof Installation

We offer St. Louis MO New Roof Solutions that are available nowhere else! St. Louis Synthetic Roofing specializes in installing new roofs in St. Louis using technologically advanced polymer roofing materials for slate tile and shake roof consumers. Our advanced composite roofing tiles are the best on the market with a standard 50 year limited warranty made from fully recyclable, environment friendly material. We handle every aspect of your new roof installation from start to finish. We are St. Louis New Roof experts!

Synthetic Slate Roof

Our Synthetic Slate Roofing Tile mimics the look of old-world Stone Slate tile shingles without the dangerous addition of weight, need for maintenance, or the worry of cracked tiles. All of our Composite Slate Roof Tile is an environmentally friendly roofing material manufactured from recycled products, and it's also lab tested to have the highest levels of fire and impact resistance. The bottom line is our Synthetic Slate Roofs offer all the protection and beauty of authentic stone slate roofing tiles, but are lighter, cheaper, and more durable than stone.

Composite Wood Shake Roofing

Cedar Wood Shake roofing tiles make for a beautiful, visually interesting roofing texture. The problem is Wood Shake shingles typically do not last terribly long, are prone to rot, pests, and are a major fire hazard. If you'd like to enjoy the beauty of a Natural Wood Shake Roof without the hassle of maintenance or the fear of fire, look no further than our Polymer Wood Shake Roofing materials. You'll get all the beauty and architectural interest of a Cedar Shake Roof, but with a shingle that is maintenance free, impact resistant, and fire resistant.

Synthetic Spanish Barrel Tile

Spanish Barrel Tiles provide a great look for homes and business in and around the St. Louis area, but Clay Tile can be incredibly expensive and also difficult to maintain. While very pretty, traditional Clay Spanish Tile is prone to breakage and leaks. If you're in the market for a Spanish Tile Roof, but you'd like to avoid the high cost of manufactured clay and the headaches that come with constant maintenance, get in touch with us so we can tell you about the Composite Spanish Tile Roofing options available to you! We are St. Louis, MO's Synthetic Barrel Tile Roofing experts, and we can install new Synthetic Clay Tile roofing for you that you will likely never have to worry about again.

Commercial Roofing

Composite roofing is a great option for large commercial buildings looking for a low-maintenance roofing solution that will last a lifetime. Why bother with inferior roofing materials when you can have green, beautiful, energy efficient, impact and fire resistant composite roofing. Find out how synthetic stone slate, composite wood shake, or polymer barrel tile roofing can work for your business in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Our work and materials are guaranteed to satisfy!

Residential Roofing

We know our St. Louis customers take pride in their homes, and are looking for roofing solutions that will add value to and beautify existing property and new construction. Find out how Composite stone slate tile, synthetic cedar shake shingle, and composite clay tile roofing material can not only add value and beautify, but protect and enhance your existing structure. Homeowners in St. Louis and the surrounding areas agree, there is no better roofing solution than Composite Roofs from St. Louis Synthetic Roofing.

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Synthetic Roofing Materials are superior in every way to traditional premium building materials.

The Synthetic Roofing Advantage

Why Choose Composite Roof Material for Your New Roof in St. Louis

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