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Composite Clay Tile Roofing St Louis

Clay tile roofing has a look all its own that we love. It's beautiful, interesting to look at, good for either commercial or residential application, and lasts a long time. Traditional clay tile roofing is a long-lasting roofing material that can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance, but there are some disadvantages to working with traditional clay tile.

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Spanish Tile Roof Chesterfield, Town and Country, Eureka, Arnold

Traditional Spanish tile is some of our favorite type of roofing material to work with, but there are some downsides to using it for your home or commercial property.

Traditional clay tile is subject to cracking. First, traditional clay tile roofing is always subject to cracking. When performing a roof inspection when the tiles are walked on there are nearly always some that crack under the weight of a roofing contractor's feet. If those cracks aren't fixed immediately, they will expand as moisture invades them and temperatures change, and this will inevitably lead to costly roof leaks if left untreated. Maintenance on a traditional clay tile roof will always be an issue.

Traditional Spanish tiles are difficult to seal and prone to roof leaks. The shape of the barrel tile creates one of its greatest advantages, but also one of its greatest disadvantages. The nice thing about the barrel shape is that is allows air to pass through between the shingles and this provides a cooling function to the structure because air is circulated around the top under the shingles. However, these barrel spaces are also difficult to seal with traditional clay materials. Because the clay isn't pliable, it's very easy for small gaps to remain present allowing moisture to invade. One of the main problems with Spanish Barrel Tile roofing is roof leaks.

Spanish barrel tile is very expensive. While clay tile roofing lasts a long time, it's cost-prohibitive for many consumers. The only roofing material that costs more than Spanish tile is stone slate. Clay tile is a premium roofing product and that is reflected in the price.

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Synthetic Ceramic Tile Roofs

The advantage of synthetic clay tile roofing over traditional clay tile is that our composite solution addresses every weakness of traditional barrel tile while retaining the beauty and elegant look.

Our Composite Barrel tiles mimic the look of regular clay tiling - no one on the ground will be able to tell the difference - but you will never have to worry about several things.

First, our synthetic tiles are crack resistant. You won't have to worry about your roofing tiles cracking like you will with clay.

Second, our composite tiles are easy to seal against moisture. While composite roof tiles are heavy duty, they are also slightly pliable making them easy to fit together for roofers. This makes sealing them up a breeze and keeps your roof protected from roof leaks.

Third, synthetic tile roofing is cheaper than traditional clay or ceramic tile. If cost is an issue, you will be very interested to know our composite roofing solutions are significantly cheaper than solutions using traditional roofing materials.

The one advantage of clay or ceramic tile roofing over composite is the length of a time a roof made from those materials can last.

But our composite roofs come backed by our 50 year limited warranty, so even with a polymer roof you will likely never need to purchase another roof for the rest of your life.

If we can help you with our polymer roofing solutions today, please give us a call at 314-652-3903

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